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Soluções AQTech para parques eólicos

Solutions for wind farms

VibraOne Series

VibraOne Wind

Our acquisition hardware continuously records and monitors wind generator's conditions, gathering information on vibration, oil, acoustics waves and temperature in order to detect anomalies, enhancing failure prediction and, consequently, the generator performance.

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Adress the problem before it is too late

Our system reports potential issues through automatic warnings, tracks the machine operation history relating it with the process data and evaluates the performance of the asset on any device. 

Get more O&M autonomy

Insourcing has become a better option for asset owners. Our CMS identifies problems through failure indicative variables monitoring, witch can be accessed and analyzed by the maintenance management team.


OneBreeze Platform

Our predictive maintance interface is equipped with intuitive and powerful numerical indicators automatically show which machines require more attention from the operators.

Artificial intelligence and specific knowledge of vibration analysis, we provide valuable information on machine condition and can predict wind generator components failures.

Accelerometer sensors

Data sheets

Download the accelerometers data sheets used in AQTech solutions for monitoring vibrations in hidropower plants









Any question?

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