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Solutions for
Hydropower Plants

VibraOne Series

VibraOne Hydro

VibraOne Hydro continuously monitors and records the generation units operating conditions, detecting failures and disturbances, enabling the continuous validation of their health and performance. 

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Software Analyzer

Our software contains tools that help with the assessment of the machine's condition, enabling its predictive maintenance.

The automatic diagnosis tool allows fast detection of problems in the generator and other analysis tools, such as FFT Watterfall, airgap, magnetic and orbital flow, providing detailed information about the machine's condition. The stratification and extrapolation features allow asset prognosis.


Our systems are compatible with the most  commonly and used sensors for Condition-Based Monitoring

We carry our own line of sensors, thus guaranteeing high-performance solutions for our clients. If your machine is already equipped with sensors, our system allows integration with the most commonly used sensors for Condition-Based Monitoring without interfering with the quality of the acquisition.

Accelerometer sensors

Data sheets

Download the accelerometers data sheets used in AQTech solutions for monitoring vibrations in hidropower plants









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