About AQTech

AQTech develops and deploys fault-diagnosis and prognosis solutions for the life of assets in electrical power systems.


Our products and services enable the adoption of predictive maintenance policies (based on condition) to improve the management of these assets, with impacts on cost reduction, increased availability, productivity and profitability of companies in the Electrical sector.​


Expand internationally and be recognized as a reference for excellence in providing solutions for monitoring the condition of assets, diagnostics and prognosis in the electric industry.

Provide excellent services and offer innovative solutions to enable the predictive maintenance of assets in the electricity sector, aiming at increasing the productivity and profitability of our customers.


More than 100 supplies completed
than 80 customers
Susteined 100% YoY growth


Customer added value
Technologic advanced solutions

Excellence in performance


Employee commitment

Research and Development

The main topics of interest of AQTech in innovation are: Machine Learning, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Big Data / PIMS (Plant Information Management Systems), IED (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and Renewable Energy.

Our team is made up of multidisciplinary and committed people.

We work with highly qualified professionals with years of experience in monitoring and maintaining rotating machines.

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