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GE Channel Partner 
Monitoring and Diagnosis


GE has been present in Brazil since 1919, bringing innovations in diverse business units, such as GE Grid Solutions.

Used by 90% of the world's energy concessionaires, GE Grid Solutions is present in nearly 80 countries with more than 20,00 collaborators. Decades of experience has helped customers to effectively manage electricity – from generation to consumption – contributing to power grid reliability, efficiency and safety improvement.


We are partners of GE Grid Solutions: we represent and distribute products for monitoring and diagnosis of transformers to clients all over Brazil.


GE offers solutions for the monitoring, management, detection, and diagnosis of transformers issues.

DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) online monitoring of compound gas or multiple gasses enables asset owners to be notified about any condition that could result in an unscheduled power outage. The portfolio also  includes equipment for the online monitoring of bushings and solutions for the full monitoring of the transformer (temperature, cooling system, etc). An asset managment comprehensive software supports is included.

  • Reducing the risk of catastrophic failures

  • Decreased unplanned downtime

  • Minimization of maintenance costs

  • Maximizing asset life

  • Detection of serious problems at early stages

  • Assistance in asset replacement strategy

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