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Technology developed in Santa Catarina for SHPs (Small Hydropower) combines high performance and low cost

We have a solution target specifically for SHPs (Small Hydropower) and PHPs (Pico Hydropower), a complete and easy-to-implement system for monitoring and identifying any failure in small-size hydro generators.

Know more. Know before.

We believe on condition and reliability-based maintenance! Adopt smart asset monitoring solutions for useful life prognosis and failure diagnosis. 

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Monitoring and diagnosis solutions for wind or hydro power generation, with hardware compatibility with the most commonly used sensors for Condition-Based-Monitoring. An intuitive, tailor-made software meets customer's needs.

VibraOne Hydro
VibraOne Wind

Hydro and Wind Solutions

VibraOne Hydro

Complete and customized solution for the LHPs (Large Hydropower) and SHPs (Small Hydropower) needs.

  • Customized solution

  • Customizable software

  • Adaptable architecture

  • Complete sensing

full hydro 2-min.png

VibraOne Wind

A CMS for wind farms that remotely monitors vibration, temperature, sound and oil variables.

  • Acoustic monitoring

  • Oil deterioration

  • Asset or wind farm visualization

  • Helps O&M insourcing

complete wind 2-min.png

Top-Notch After Sales Services

Having the support of a specialized predictive monitoring team makes all the difference. Besides the technical skills, our team knows about customer business.

Talk to an expert in generation
and condition monitoring

We are specialized in predictive monitoring and vibration analysis focused on energy generation. With a strong presence in Latin America with more than 100 customers, including some of the major energy generation companies.

Research and Development

Since the beginning, AQTech has investing in R&D, with more than 10 projects that are ongoing or have been successfully concluded and included in our portfolio.

GE Channel Partner

We are a partner of GE Grid Solutions in the sale and distribution of transformers monitoring and diagnosis equipment to several clients across Brazil.

AQTech GE Channel Partner

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