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We believe in condition based and reliability centered maintenance! Adopt smart solutions for prognosis of remaining useful life and diagnosis of failures in power systems.

About us

AQTech designs and implements solutions for power systems diagnosis and remaining useful life prognostics. AQTech's products enable predictive (condition-based) maintenance policies adoption to improve asset management, which impacts on cost reduction and on increasing productivity and profitability of electric power system businesses.


Main Benefits

Reduce machine downtime

Reduce downtime costs due unplanned outages by identifying faults quickly and before they occur. Enable scheduling maintenance activities considering optimal balance between cost, risk and impact for power plant operation.




More productivity


Less maintenance costs


More profitability


Increased asset life

Key Features

Real-Time Features

Hardware and software enable real-time visualization and waveform records, FFT spectrum and orbitals.



Long-term trend records and analysis tools allow vibration diagnosis as recommended on ISO 17359 and ISO 13373-2.

Key Performance Indicators

AQTech platform automatic calculates KPIs like availability, reliability and maintainability using monitored data to support decision-making and maintenance tasks prioritization.

Automatic Diagnosis

Real-time diagnosis of machine failures is performed based on detection of specific frequency vibration harmonics and its correlation to fault modes.



The software includes vibration analysis tools like waveform, orbital (XY), FFT waterfall and spectrogram.

In addition to the air gap analysis tool, which prevents faults such as rubbing between the rotor and the stator, and magnetic flow measurement tool.


AQTech's software follows the ISO 13381-1 standard to extrapolate the global vibration data, as well as the values ​​associated with the frequency spectrum bands intrinsically associated with fault diagnostics.

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