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Brazilian technology from AQTech reaches the Philippines

Updated: Feb 21

AQTech, a company based in Florianópolis and specialized in monitoring and diagnostic systems for power generators, has established an agreement to provide technology to a hydroelectric plant in the Philippines. This milestone represents the first deal of the Santa Catarina-based company with the Southeast Asian country, following its successful foray into the European and Asian markets in 2023.

The established partnership involves the implementation of technology developed by AQTech, replacing the vibration monitoring system currently in use at the Pulangi IV hydroelectric plant. Located on the island of Mindanao, the second-largest island in the Philippines, this plant is responsible for a significant portion, accounting for 23%, of the local energy production.

Pulangi IV Image

Thiago Kleis, AQTech's Global Sales Director, expressed his satisfaction with this new contract, emphasizing the growth potential and consolidation of the company in the global landscape

"This is our first foray into the Philippine market, an achievement that solidifies our presence in Asia and reinforces AQTech's commitment to establishing itself as a global player. We are excited to bring 100% Brazilian technology to one of the five largest economic powers in Southeast Asia, a region experiencing significant economic and energy growth."

The project in the Philippines will be conducted in collaboration with local partners, ensuring efficiency and adaptation to the market's specific demands. An AQTech expert will be sent from Florianópolis to oversee the installation and commissioning of the system, ensuring its seamless integration into the hydroelectric plant.

In addition to this advancement in the Philippines, AQTech already serves clients in various countries, including Indonesia, Guatemala, Panama, Portugal, and Peru, consolidating its position as a global reference in the monitoring and diagnostic sector for power generators. The technology developed by the company not only enhances the operational efficiency of plants but also contributes to sustainability and safety in global energy supply.



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