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Key features


The AQTech system provides reliable data to assist in the maintenance decision making of rotating machines in generation plants and can be customized according to the customer's needs.


Real time features

High performance hardware and software allows real-time visualization of waveforms, FFT spectrum and orbitals. Local alarms, remote notifications and trips (via dry contact outputs) can be programmed to protect the machine from excessive vibrations (ISO 20816) and other failure modes. Ethernet and RS-485 communication ports enable communication with plant SCADA systems and other equipment.

Analysis tools

The post-processing software includes vibration analysis tools, such as waveform, orbital (XY), FFT cascade and spectrogram according to ISO 13373-2. Additional mathematical operations and statistics support advanced assessments by specialized engineering professionals. Long-term trend records and analysis tools allow vibration diagnosis as recommended in ISO 17359 and ISO 13373-2. The software also includes an air gap analysis tool, which prevents faults such as rubbing between the rotor and the stator, and a magnetic flow measurement tool.


Automatic Diagnosis

The real-time diagnosis of machine failures is carried out based on the detection of specific frequency vibration harmonics and their correlation with the failure modes (misalignment, static and dynamic unbalance, among others) according to ISO 13373-1, ISO 13373-3 and ISO 13373-7.


Remaining Useful Life (RUL) and End of Life (EOL) is at the heart of predictive maintenance. AQTech's software follows the ISO 13381-1 standard to extrapolate the global vibration data, as well as the values ​​associated with the frequency spectrum bands intrinsically associated with fault diagnostics. In this sense, AQTech has the know-how regarding the application of predictive models related to statistics and machine learning (ML) techniques. The Auto Regressive (AR) models stand out, such as, for example, ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average).

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Key Performance Indicators

Complete and effective predictive maintenance is achieved with measured data from individual equipment and key performance indicators from the generating plant. The AQTech platform automatically calculates performance indicators such as availability, reliability and maintainability using monitored data to support decision making and prioritizing maintenance tasks. Cloud-based features allow Dashboards to be accessed using a laptop or mobile device.

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